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John Marsh responded to a request to check our master bedroom ceiling fan that had stopped operation. We live in a house over 30 years old and the ceiling fan that stopped was at least that old. 2 years before we had been told that if the fan ever stopped again it would be dead. Sure enough after Mr. Marsh inspected the fan he found that it needed to be replaced. Since he was a dealer for Hunter Fans, we decided to purchase from him and also have him install an existing Hunter Fan we had in a box in another room.

Mr. Marsh was punctual on all visits he made to our residence. He sent us catalogs via email for fans to look at our leisure and with his help we made a decision on the new fan we wanted. Mr. Marsh’s expertise is what we really needed in this situation. Our master bedroom is a high vaulted ceiling and the old fan was attached directly to the ceiling with no down rod. Mr. Marsh explained that the fan was so close to the ceiling it would not deliver the proper air flow. When the new fan arrived he also ordered an 18″ down rod for the new fan. This made all the difference in the world when it came to air flow in our bedroom. The $500.0 included the new fan and down rod, de-installing 2 existing fans and re-installing the new fan that was ordered and a better fan we had on hand. I would definitely call Mr. Marsh again.

Ceiling Fan Installation Service

Installed new ceiling fan in bedroom; balanced blades on an existing ceiling fan in master bedroom.

He was on time, professional, affordable and he did a great job and this appointment was late in the evening. I commend him for his attitude. The services were provided at a rental property.

Electrician Service

John repaired on fan that was installed by a neighborhood handy man who really did not do a good job. John worked hard to rebalance one fan that was very unbalanced and then did another that was never balanced. They both work perfectly. He also installed the dimmer switches for both the fans and the lights. Did a professional job. Provided lots of information on the types of switches needed and how they work. I would definitely hire him again

Very pleased with his work from start to finish.

Electrician Service

The guy obiously knows what he is doing, found my problem and fixed and was out of the house with in 15 minutes. I thought 65 dollars plus 5 dollars for milage (I live right down the street from him) was a little excessive, so unless I had a major issue no I do not think I would use him again at a rate that seemed to well over 200 dollars an hour

He did fix my problem with the fan wobbling very quickly. Did seem to try to get me to comitt to him coming back to fix something else he thought might be wrong. Since the house was still under warranty the builder came over and basically said he was full of crap

Tile Installation Service

Replaced a remote receiver in one fan, balanced it and balanced another fan.

Professional service began even before John arrived at our door. I called him because our MBR fan would not work. John suggested ordering a new remote signal receiver from the manufacturer as the most likely solution based on my description. He helped me with detailed instructions on what info’d I’d need to get the correct part. The part arrived about 7 days later and John got me on his schedule within two days. He arrived within an acceptable time frame from the appointment (rain caused traffic delays but he called to let me know, so that’s OK). He went right to work and confirmed the diagnosis of a failed receiver. The ceiling fan is big and heavy and centered just over the foot of the bed, so he had to work at an awkward angle. He was very careful of our furniture and covered the bed with a tarp. Because the signal receiver is located on top of the fan motor and under an uplighting fixture, he had to disassemble and remove the entire fan. NOT an easy job because of the fan location and weight. The actual replacement of the receiver was easy in comparison but detailed. He worked efficiently but carefully throughout, checking his work as he went, and explaining the process as well. After re-installing the fan he re-balanced the blades since they wobbled at high speed (a pre-existing condition due to some warped blades). He was exceptionally meticulous in doing this and there is absolutely NO wobble in the fan now. Then he re-balanced an identical fan we have in our living room. We are very happy with the work he did, how long it took, and the cost was very reasonable. He will definitely be our first call for any future ceiling fan or appliance repair.

Ceiling Fan Installation Service